I love Japanese curry rice.
Have you ever tasted that ever?

If not, please let me talk about this yummy dish.
It is very different than other one.
It has thicker constancy compare to Indian curry.
More dark color, rich flavor, and the smell makes us so hungry!
Normally we can find the menu curry rice in many family restaurants, or specialty restaurants.
But also in different category restaurants we can taste, like buckwheat noodles, ramen, or donburi(rice bowl dish) restaurants!(sometimes it's hidden menu, but taste excellent!)
Every restaurant has a different style, and they are very particular about taste.
We also cook curry rice so oft.
At home, or while camping also!
Each home has a different recipe. With pork, chicken, beef, vegetable, fish... etc. You can put what you like.
And overnight rested curry is much more beautiful taste. So if we eat curry at dinner, next morning also we eat!
I think almost all of Japanese people love it.
Men or women, child or elderly regardless!
So I made "Pixelart NFT".
With 64 x 64 size Pixelart you can just a little enjoy Japanese curry rice, and I hope it makes you hungry!
If you like it, try to get one from the button, but taste or topping is random. Sometimes tonkatsu topping, or fried shrimp or sausage!

I hope you get your favorite! Have fun!
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